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ER Auto can help determine if your vehicle has issues with its engine, exhaust, transmission, ignition coils, oil tank, throttle, and more.

If it has 4 wheels, we'll take care of it. That includes maintenance items like oil change, brakes and fluids and bigger issues that involve your car's exhaust system, steering & suspension, transmission, heating & ac, battery and electrical systems.

Fat wheels, slim wheels, performance, winter, summer, & all season tires - we have them all and we can change them, repair them and align them.

Wish to take your car to the next level? We can help with upgrading your performance with brakes, suspension, engine components, turbo and super chargers, exhaust and more.

Let us help to customize your car to the way you want with front & back lips, diffusers, side skirts, spoilers, trims, & lighting. If you can dream it, we can do it.

Looking for an audio upgrade or a custom setup? Car needing some securiting or GPS? We can help with all of that too.

Trust, Care, Accuracy, Precision, Craftsmanship

Getting To Know You & Your Car

At ER Auto, we want to get to know you and your car. When your car is in need of service or repairs, you can be confident in calling us to help make sure that your car is in top performing shape.

We're here to quickly and accurately help find out what is the issue with your car and offer you your repair and service options. While some options may be cheaper in the short term they may cost you more in the long term and we’re here to explain it thoroughly with you. Consideration of using OEM (Original Equipment) or after market parts, fixing one part or the whole, letting you know what problems may occur in the future are some of the reasons why our customers keep coming back.

Taking cars apart and putting them back together is a big responsibility and this is what we do with precision and accuracy, day in and day out. We’re passionate about cars and vehicle performance and at ER auto, we set a high standard for automotive repair & service.

Specialized Equipment, Modern Tech, Years & Years Of Experience


    Our in-ground lift allows us to service a variety of vehicles including performance cars with low ground clearance. Our Hunter model features low drive-on heights with popular flush-mount configurations.


    We care about your wheels and you can be assured you'll get them back the way they came. When mounting, no metal parts will touch the wheel itself with only plastic components of our machine will touch the wheels and will not scratch, ding, or dent them.


    Our machinee will quickly diagnose vibration issues for a pitch perfect smooth drive everyday. Our road force balancer measures the force variation and runout of the whole wheel and tire assembly and we then accurately correct the vibration.

Authorized Commercial Vehicle Inspection Facility

We are here to keep your vehicle safe on the road so you can operate your commercial vehicle everyday, free of costly interuptions.

ER Auto is authorized by the province of British Columbia to perform inspections in compliance with the CVSE program.

Perfect for Uber/Lyft drivers, out of province vehicles, driving schools, and taxi companies.

ER Auto Team

ER Auto is owned and operated by Thomas Chung and he has been in the business of fixing cars for 20+ years. He studied Automotive at BCIT and honed his trade at BMW and Ferrari. Cars has been his passion at a young age and he often frequents the race track with his motorcycles.

Feel free to chat him up anytime about cars and racing or even just maintenance questions. He's more than happy to share.

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